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June 14th 1996, while in the presence of the Lord praying, I got caught up in the Spirit as the Lord opened my eyes I saw a vision of people crying and weeping and I watched them with deep concern in my heart wondering at their misery. While I watched them suddenly the Lord spoke to me audibly in seven words as when a man speaks and you can hear. He says “GO AND DELIVER THEM BY MY WORD". Hence, Jehovah has sent me as an answer to every tear-provoking situation and experience of humanity and I have not been disobedient to heavenly vision. This is just one out of the various encounters the Lord by His mercy has granted to His servant.

On a few occasions, the Lord Jesus had appeared to me as a way of confirmation of the call which is obviously definite.


Akinde Bamidele Temitope Emmanuel was born in Lagos Nigeria, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo university who has now turned an international envangelist. His life experience has always pointed to his divine assignment right from his birth.

He was born on the 27th August 1972 in Lagos, Nigeria. He grew up in the rough and crime infested Ebute Meta, a prominent local government area of the Lagos metropolis. He was known with truancy and all forms of violence constituting a nuisance in the community. At Age fourteen in 1986, he had an accident on the street which was only a fall. In 1987, He was in orthopedic ward of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for a major operation as a result of the operation he had. In 1990, he returned to the same hospital for the removal of the surgical pins inserted into the leg. One night in July, 1990 briefly after the operation he sat on a wheel chair beside his bed. A visiting medical student (Doctor) came into the ward, spoke to him about Jesus, consequently, he gave his life to Jesus.

Finally on July 17th 1999, Glory Dimensions Power Ministries was formely launched by Rev. Femi Ogundare with Rev. Kayode Ijisesan preaching on 16th July, the opening night of the commissioning service tagged “FINAL ONSLAUGHT ON THE POWERS OF HELL”.


Glory Dimensions Power Ministries is an International ministry which is Apostolic, Prophetic and Evangelistic in nature. It is a ministry dedicated to the release of the end-time glory of God on the nations of the world through the instrumentality of prophetic teaching and preaching of the word and unequivocal demonstration of the Spirit and Power of God.

Apostolic Dimension
There is an anointing on Glory Dimensions Power Ministries to raise ministry gifts and leaders across the globe to release them into their prophetic destiny by virtue of the anointing. By ministry gifts I mean the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. This is achieved through ministers and leaders’ summit and conferences in nations of the world. This same apostolic anointing breaks every closed gates and opens doors to the gospel, opening up hard grounds, preaching Christ where many others would not and strenghtening the body of Christ.

Prophetic Dimension
Glory Dimensions Power Ministries is equipped with grace for prophetic insight in situations, lives and issues bothering on people, churches, cities and nations of the world. Prophetic preaching and teaching of God’s word is also a strong point of the ministry.

Evangelistic Dimension
Glory Dimensions Power Ministries is no doubt an international evangelistic association through its evangelistic arm: Akinde World Evangelism Network (AWEN) also known as Revival fire Network. This dimension functions in two aspects.

  1. Revival of churches
  2. Open-Air City Wide Crusade in conjunction with Christian Associations, Governments and Churches.

Revival meetings are held for churches bringing about fresh fire, Holy Ghost invigoration  and consequently supernatural explosion among churches, Christians, cities and nations of the world.


Apostle Akinde Bamidele Temitope Emmanuel many years ago was saddled with the mission of reaching atleast 200 million souls with the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It must be clearly stated here that this is the goal and the driving force behind this ministry. All gifts, miracles, signs and wonders are only instrument to reach this mission. We are not limited to 200 million souls, it could be more but it cannot be less by the grace of God.

For this reason, we spend so much on flights both within Nigeria and other nations of the world. As I speak, our annual budget on flight alone runs into hundreds of thousands so we can save some, and by the level of doors the Lord has opened to us, our budget in the coming year will sky rocket by the grace of God. The Lord alone gives for woe is unto us if we preach not the gospel.



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