Therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word

(Acts 8 v 40)

Little wonder! At the birth of the church between the first and second centuries (200 years) the whole world for that period from coast to coast had been reached and Christianized. Every: nation, kingdom, king and ruler had been won to Christianity one way or the other. Here is the shock! This body of believers did not have access to 99 percent of the tools and medium available to the modern church. They didn’t have printing press, televisions, radios, planes, tracts and in fact, they didn’t have what we have as bible and yet they reached the entire whole world at that time with the gospel of Jesus Christ the redeemer.

Well, with this reality on mind, compare this scenario with the modern day church, which has everything going for it. Even there are individuals who have personal Jets, we have gadgets and all sorts of computer technology, but we are yet to do what the early church did.

The world today is made up of about six billion souls and is it not mind – bogging that about three million souls are yet to hear the name Jesus for once. I am not saying these three million are yet to be saved, we are not even talking of evangelizing them yet, they have never heard the name of Jesus. Beloved, if we are not careful, the early church generation will condemn the modern day church. We need to call an assembly , like the Pharisees would do in the days of our lord to look into this issue critically before work is destroyed by fire right in our very presence. How did the early church do it? What did they have that we lack? What was their secret?


Wherefore brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom that we may appoint over this business. (Acts 6 v 3)

 If the same situation is to repeat itself today, the verdict would have read… men full of themselves but who have money in their pockets with strong influence in government. If you doubt, take a look at the men filling our pulpits. Men at whose appearance Satan is comfortable and at whose ministry no demon in hell is perturbed. The leadership of the early church knew what they needed to make impact. They knew that the leader over a church will by principle reproduce himself, so they shopped for men whose credentials displayed the fullness of the Holy Ghost. May God forgive the modern day leadership of the church because we have watered down the gospel by engaging men of watered experiences, thereby  reproducing churches of watered down Christian experiences. One reason why the modern day church is weak and un-impactful is because our churches are full of preachers who are card carriers because they went to bible school or school of theology but shallow experiences with God. As a result, the church is what it is today because of what its preachers have given to it and because the pew is moulded by the pulpit.    


And it came to pass when they were came that he looked on Eliab and said surely the lord’s anointed is before him.

But the lord said unto Samuel “Look not on his countenance or on the height of his stature because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looeth on the outward appearance but the lord looketh on the heart (1Sam. 16 v 6-7).

  What if Samuel was no longer current with Heaven, would he have heard when God said “hold it”, of course, he would have anointed Eliab into leadership. Many of our modern day Samuels have danced where angels dread. They have not only anointed Eliab, they also pick Shammah as assistant pastor and Abinadab as third in command. No wonder our preachers call on God like the prophet of Baal and God would not answer because we have ordained the un-ordained and anointed the un-anointed there by affecting the progress of the world evangelism making all our efforts to reach the world suffer major setbacks. Have you ever thought of what was wrong with the Eliabs, Shammahs and Abinadabs ?


If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vssel unto honor, sanctified and meet for the masters use and prepared unto every good work.

It is against God’s character to use vessels f dishonor because his tasks are honorable. Before you point accusing fingers, what sort of a vessel are you? Well, If you don’t have an answer, you can be helped. You can guess what sort of vessel you are by the way God trusts and uses.

Therefore, for God to use us in this end time, four things must happen to use not just once but on  a continual basis-

  1. We must purge ourselves from all “these”(sins).
  2. We must place Honour on ourselves in sanctification.
  3. We must be met for his use – present ourselves to meet God’s high demand of discipline and sanctity.
  4. We must always remain prepared for his assignment anytime, anywhere.

Permit me to say that- perhaps these four qualities were not found in Eliab and his colleague so God only turned to a small David who possessed the needed credentials. Little wonder our God said first. God bless You.



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